Who is That Angel Girl?

No, really… who is That Angel Girl?

snapchat-6251993834177091942I am That Angel Girl, or more commonly referred to as Angel by those who know me. My life is full of laughs, love, challenges, and growing opportunities. I’m awkward, silly, goofy, clumsy, and at my core I have a deep appreciation for people and the individual potential they have.

The people in my life are always inspiring, and challenging me. I learn something from every person I interact with but there are a few people who have more of an impact than other:

  • Joy: My super excitable little boy who already shows signs of inheriting my sense of humor.
  • Love: My cynical and hilarious husband.
  • Stability: My father is my rock. He is a modest superman who has no idea how his strength and sense of humor have shaped me into who I am.
  • My brother expands my perspective with his open mind and the fact that he truly is a different kind of person.

Why this blog?

People create the world they live in. If you like the world you live in, change nothing. Furthermore, if you are unhappy with the world you live in, change something. My work in the world of progress stems from a few observations. Focusing on goals (big or small) leads to fulfillment, joy, pride, and has a huge hand in prevention of mental illness.

me-1It’s fascinating to me how much of in impact an individual can have by taking ownership over perspective and happiness.

I’m writing this blog because sometimes it seems like many people don’t realize their own power.

I simply want to remind them of that.

So head over to the home page and check out the welcome post.

Please feel free to share your thoughts competing opinions, or any additional resources. I’m always open to growth, learning, and opening my mind to ideas that differ from my own.