Control Center- Who is manning this thing?

Have you ever felt like everything happening in your life was out of your control?

I’ve been there…

Have you ever felt like everything happening in your life was out of your control?

  • You watch things happen.
  • Everything is spinning out of control.
  • You’re out of options.
  • There’s nothing you can do.

I’ve been there.

I still land there on occasion. In those moments it feels like nothing you do seems to do any good at all.

There has been a huge shift in my life since I came to a realization; there is always something you can do.

We create our world.
We create our world.

You are running the control center for your life.

Even if you didn’t design the components, or write the code for the controls, only you have complete control over how the control center is operated.

 All of the buttons are right there at your fingertips. Sometimes you press the wrong combination of buttons (don’t we all) and the whole system runs kind of wonky for a while (whoops!). That’s when you start troubleshooting the system. gives a step by step guide to resolving any problem. They list the first step as identifying your problem, but when I troubleshoot, I like to start before that.

  1. Admit that the system isn’t working
  2. Look at the button combinations that didn’t work
  3. Test and learn. Try a new and [this is key] different combination of buttons until you find one that works better.

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

~Henry Ford

Maybe the problem isn’t with the buttons you’ve pressed but perhaps it’s with the level of access to the control center that you have allowed others to have.

If the issue is with someone else there are two ways to get the system back on line.

  1. Communicate and develop: let them know that they are pressing the wrong buttons, and help them learn how to man the control center more effectively.
  2. Change or remove access: give that person a lower level of access to the controls or remove all access they have to the control center.

Getting lost in the details of how you got here…

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.”

~ Denis Waitley

There are a ton of reasons things go wrong:

  • Wires get crossed
  • Water gets spilled
  • Natural disasters strike knocking out power grids shorting the system

Either way, if the root cause is big or small, you are the only one with full access to all the buttons and control over how it’s managed.

So, you could wait for someone to come along and fix it for you. You never know. You might get lucky and stumble across some highly educated, out of work engineer who just happens to apply for the job, but do you really want to deal with a broken system while you wait for that to happen?

The alternative? Start doing something now. If you make any progress toward getting the system back online and functional on your own, then you’re doing better than where you started. The best part? You are in control of what it does next.